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Design Process


Initial Consult & Site Visit:

At Michael Lynch Landscape & Tree Service, Inc., our design process begins with a FREE one-on-one meeting at your home. It is here where we can begin to:

  • Establish Landscape Objectives and Goals
  • Become Familiar with Property Challenges and Surroundings
  • Define a Preliminary Scope of Work & Budget
  • Review and Discuss Design Aesthetics
  • Begin to Examine Potential Design Ideas and Solutions

Site Analysis:

Having met with our designer, and decided to move forward with the design process, the next, most important step, is the Site Analysis. It is necessary to spend as much time as needed on-site critically assessing and evaluating existing landscape and architectural features, allowing for firsthand understanding of design considerations such as:

  • Drainage Patterns
  • The Presence of Pleasurable vs. Unpleasant Vistas to and From the Site
  • Noise
  • Sun/Shade Conditions
  • Topography (Note: Sites with Severe Topography Change/Challenges may Require the Hiring of a Surveyor or Engineer)
  • General Soil Analysis
  • Vegetation

Using the knowledge gathered in the site analysis, along with site photography provides our designers with the foundation for further design work.

Conceptual & Final Drawings:

The combination of the meticulous site analysis and extensive understanding of your project goals, expectations, and budget, allows our designers to begin conceptualizing and completing your landscape drawings. These drawings are the framework for presenting you the vision for your new landscape. Our design package includes:

  • A "To-Scale" CAD Blueprint Drawing Specifying:
    • Planting Arrangements
    • Hardscape Plans & Materials
    • Site Amenities
    • Existing Features
  • An Illustrative Color Concept Drawing
  • A Plant Image Catalog of all Proposed Plant Materials
  • A Materials and Inspirations Catalog (as needed)
  • And, a Line Item Estimate for all the Work to be Completed
  • Realistic, Virtual 3-D Designs Available at Additional Costs

The Design Review:

Using the completed design package, our designers will walk you through each and every aspect of the design. Our true appreciation and enthusiasm of our work aid in clarifying all the small details, and of course the major design concepts ensuring a fully comprehensive understanding of the design and how it pertains to your vision and lifestyle. Next comes an in depth synopsis of 'construction plans'. Knowing what is behind the intricacies involved in the build process will allow for better understanding of the estimated work. Upon completion of the review, our designers and construction managers are available to answer any questions on the spot, as well as prior to, during, and after the implementation.


Now that you've seen it, you can't wait to have it! At Lynch Landscape, we pride ourselves in being specialized in all facets of the landscape construction process. By handling nearly every portion of the project in house, we offer our clients a streamlined, well planned construction process and elite communication standards throughout the entirety of the job. With our designers and project managers leading the way in a hands on advisory role, nothing goes un-noticed, and quality control is perfected. Our project managers and foremen remain onsite through completion and are available to speak throughout the process regarding any on site questions or concerns. We begin every project by presenting our clients with a 'Project Contact List', which explains to our client's how their projects are being lead, who to call, and who is in charge of what so that they never feel out of touch with what is going on.

Upon project completion, our designers and construction managers are available to walk you through all parts of the completed work to ensure your full satisfaction and approval.

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