Maintenance & Estate Care


We realize your gardens and grounds are an important feature of what your guests will notice first. We are honored to be the company to provide the care and attention required to keep your property looking its best.

Our team of professional landscapers works to high standards beautifying your landscape, making certain every detail is tended to. Your landscape is unique, and we can work with the surroundings to bring out its greatest features so you, your family, and guests can enjoy the landscape year-round.

Lynch Landscape is a full-service landscape company that offers various maintenance services throughout the four New England seasons to keep your property maintained and cared for. Our talent and attention to detail will exceed your expectations, providing you with great pride in ownership of your property. We proudly serve the towns of Wayland, Sudbury, Weston, Wellesley, Lincoln, Concord, and Natick

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March 5, 2019


March 5, 2019

Fall Clean Up

February 28, 2021
lawn aeration near me

Fall Lawn Renovation

March 5, 2019
fine gardening

Fine Gardening

March 5, 2019
landscaper near me

Lawn Maintenance

March 5, 2019


March 5, 2021

Seasonal Containers

March 5, 2019
shrub pruning

Shrub Pruning

April 30, 2020
snowplowing near me

Snow Plowing

March 5, 2019
lawn clean up

Spring Clean Up

March 5, 2019


May 12, 2020

Winter Protection

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